*** Reservation ***

Please contact from above of    ご予約のお問い合わせ(reservation)

The status of booking is from 予約状況, but be sure it is not timely, so please contact to us.


reservation will be fix ( promise ) 

・after transportation is decide and tell us 1 month before you arrive to our guesthouse.

・arrival time to our guesthouse or pick up time to airport if you need.

*** Price list ***

<notice> price is going to change from 2024/April/1   please contact to us!

Following charge is the charge for 1 person per 1 room, not including meals.

If you need meal please reservation at booking the room.

*Breakfast is 800 yen, and dinner is 1800 yen.

1room use 1 person

1 room use 2 person

1 room use over 3person



7,150yen(per person)

6,600yen(per person)



7,150yen(per person)

6,600yen(per person)

*season price from  Jun 1 to Oct 31  550 yen plus

 and 1person use price is 14,300yen/per day 

*** Child price ***

0~  2 years  old

free ( no charge )

sleep by the side(no bed)

3~ 8years  old

3~ 8years  old

over 9years  old

3300yen ( include towel )

adult price

adult price

sleep by the side (no bed)

same service like adult

same service like adult

*One in case of 2 children, please pay the charge for 1 adult.

*** About cancel  ***

from a stay day             20 days before ~ 8 days before      20% of room charge 

from a stay day               7 days before ~ 4 days before      50% of room charge

from a stay day               3 days before ~ 1 days before      80% of room charge

the day and no contact                                                                                  100% of room charge  


*** Staytment Guidance ***


We have two rooms, Japanese-style room capacity is 5people and Western-style  capacity is 4peopleand  main  building with restaurant, and also have mini-mart.




Check-in   time  :  15:00~


Check-out  time  :  ~10:00



< About room use after check-out. >

A room after check-out time can't be used basically, but it's possible to extend

only a case, if there is no reservation , so please tell us if you want.


Every 1 hour ¥1,000 < +10%tax >   




*** Time of the meal ***


                                     child plate(half plate)    

Breakfast  START   7:30~   ¥ 800                ¥ 600           


Dinner    START  19:00~      ¥1,800      ¥1,200



We wish to know that you can inform beforehand if there are an antipathy and something which isn't liked.

*Every Sunday, we are close the service of dinner. 




*** No smoking of all the rooms ***


No smoking of all the rooms

Smoking is allowed at the decided place, and if you smoke at the other place

(not decided place)we  declined the stay, please understood.




***  Safty box ***


Please keep your valuables by yourself. About loss and theft responsibility

can't be shouldered, so please take care.





*** Room  key ***


After check-in we will give you room key, and keep your key until check-out.

You dont need to leave your key to front desk.

Be careful not to be lostwhen being lost, you have to pay for the special charge.




*** about communication and internet ***


Radio circumstances aren't that good at this area , we are so sorry about

the troubles. 

It can use   Free Wi-fi and we will let you show the contact number

but also there is not good area in resort.




*** Please cooperate  in ecology ***


An electric light and water necessary to a life are in something very valuable for Ishigaki because of a solitary island, so please cooperate eco to maintain important nature.


   When you go out the room, please be sure to put out an electric light and

 air conditioner.

   When the air conditioner and light is on because it isn't a self-dynamic electricity turning off system, a staff will enter your room and put it out, so please accept it.


   A washing machine is requesting use up to once for 1 day.


Can  use  from  8 AM to  20 PM


   We are not preparing a toothbrush and night wear.

You can buy a toothbrush at AnnSea mini-mart ,  set will be ¥100



   It's  so natural surroundings,  in the evening close a door and rest because there are a lot of bugs, and keep the comfortable temperature, and please relax.




*** About room cleaning  ***


We aren't cleaning every day to keep everybody's privacy. 

More than 5 nights we will exchanging sheets and cleaning your room on the th day.    

In a charge, we can accept the cleaning the room, so please tell to us.




cleaning the room     1time      2200yen

bed sheets                1 sheet          550yen

towel            set            550yensmall & big towels set


   Please tell to the staff if you need to change the towel, and bring the used towel and change to new one. <  exchange is once a day >




*** About a wood deck ***


Please make on the wood deck prohibited of wearing shoesPlease wear indoor

shoes at the room, it can go inside of restaurant, wooddeck, second floor.

There is a step to the lawn, so be careful and also be careful to go upstairs

When the small child falls in particular, it's dangerous. Be careful not to take the eyes off.  Responsibility can't be shouldered under AnnSea in every kind of case,





*** About trash ***


It's discreet in trash to use resources effectively in Ishigakicity,  install a trash box in each room.


   Foods of garbage and plastics bags of a snack

   Plastics of a lunch box and a tray

   Plastic bottle and empty can, and other kinds of bottle.


If there is a thing which isn't understood, please ask a staff.




*** About emergency ***


If there is something, please make a contact by an interphone or call

mobilephone 090-2672-3667 Abe


   An emergency exit will be a front door or wood deck side wall window.

   In case of emergency, a staff lead you to saftyplace so please follow directions.




*** About payment ***





An  ATM service is in a post office  about  7 minutes on foot, or Ishigaki airport.



Postoffice  ATM    Weekday       8:45~17:30

              Saturday       9:00~12:30

              Sundayholiday       close




***  Mini-mart 「 Abes house 」 menu  ***



bottle               Mineral water ( 2L )       20yen

Snacks                                                                 150yen ~

Instant cup noodles                                              150yen 

Laundry powdersoap                                     100yen

Toothbrush set                                                  100yen


* Sometimes we cant offer it to you by the stocking situation, so please accept it.




*** Free  rental  items ***

<  the number is limited  >


 books / child seat / plate / teacup / toys / mat // badminton




***  Pay rental  items  ***

< the number and size is limited  >


MaskSnorkel             during your stay        1000yen

Fins                                                        during your stay         500yen

Lifejacket                                               during your stay          500yen               Beach umbrella                                      during your stay         500yen

BBQ set with charcoal                                          1time          2000yen



*Please accept that if you loss or in case of damage, you have to pay for it.